About Alpha Phantana

Isabelo Pascual is a bicoastal distributed producer, talent manager, and entrepreneur. In his teens, Isabelo worked for a local broadcast network as a shooter/ editor in South Florida. Relocating to California at the age of 17, he started his professional film career co-producing an independent film that circulated in festivals.

He attended Santa Monica College and the Los Angeles Film School, majoring in Producing and Cinematography respectively. During college, he tried his hand with other disciplines including marketing, creative writing, and philosophy.

Specializing in narrative and music video productions, he has since freelanced for various clients including Simon and Schuster, Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club, G-Star Studios, American Film Productions, Lap-Band, Hachitan Entertainment, among others.

Isabelo formulates quality content from concept to completion. He aspires to attract globe-spanning clientele; as a go-to source for “first in class” productions.

Additional to his production skillsets, Isabelo has worked in sales for REPMGeorge, Puff Tuff, Capacity Productions Inc, Dreamachine Productions, LLC amongst other companies. With a high commitment to customer satisfaction and delivery, Isabelo ensures that he will assess and satisfy clients’ needs. While a partner at Dreamachine Productions, LLC, he’d co-founded the Dreamachine International Film Festival in December 2019, which had sold out its inaugural year, with guest appearances from Patrick Kilpatrick, Rajiv Satyal, Doug Jones, Laura Meadows, Tempast Wulf, and more.

Currently, Isabelo Pascual is the owner of Alpha Phantana LLC.

Alpha Phantana LLC provides professional consulting services to clients in the film production and business brokerage industries. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the film, legal cannabis, and real estate markets through years of experience, servicing clients ranging from start-ups to decades-long industry veterans.


Isabelo Pascual